Over the Rainbow Craft and Dye Works offers two different workshops, either of which would be a great addition to any festival. The first offers the experience of helping to create one large tie-dyed peace banner and the opportunity to discuss peace, tolerance, diversity, and teamwork in a low pressure, informal setting. The second focuses on creating the standard spiral design tee shirt that everyone is familiar with. Both workshops are a great activity for festival attendees of all backgrounds and ages. Call for availability and pricing: 856-625-3995

Tie-Dye Peace Banner Workshop

(appx. 40 minutes)

Tie-Dye T-Shirt Workshop

(appx. 30 minutes)

The peace banner workshop is a fully interactive program for adolescents and adults alike that stresses the concepts of peace, tolerance, diversity and team work. Workshop participants will assist the artist in creating a large tie-dye peace banner. Through this and several short activities a dialogue will be created on the concepts mentioned above. Workshop participants will leave the program with a greater understanding of our global society and how the concepts of peace, tolerance, diversity, and team work can be used everyday. Participants will be given instructions on how to create a peace banner of their own. Several miniature peace banners will be given to random participants at the end of the program.

The Tie-Dye T-Shirt Workshop is another fully interactive program that our company offers. In this workshop participants can bring their own T-shirt and learn how to make a spiral design tie-dye. All materials except the shirt are provided for up to 20 participants, however any number of festival patrons can attend and be part of the fun learning experience. All age participants are welcome, however those under the age of twelve should be accompanied by a parent or guardian. All workshop participants will be given information including instructions on how to create their own tie-dyes and suggestions of where to purchase the materials needed.